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Pine Wood Shavings
Quality Wood Shavings

Economical Bedding for Livestock & Pets

Shavings Animal Bedding  Sawdust  Wood fines Wood Fiber
Screened Sawdust or Screened Shavings

Oil and Gas use, drilling mud additive drilling fluid additive,
loss of circulation prevention and environmental uses

We supply many grades of wood shavings, sawdust, wood dust, wood fines, wood pellets and other wood fibers ideal for industrial, environmental and waste management applications

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all manor of Vac Truck liquid waste removal, production water, oily water,
Automotive repair sump clean out, contaminated water, mine waste water etc.

Environmental wood fibre fines and shavings
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We are a wholesale operation and do not sell less than full truck loads
of shavings in large totes or pallets of small bales.

We will sell to individuals and farms.
We ship to the USA

Two Choices

Standard bagged/baled shavings
3.5 cubic foot Compressed Bale
(8 cu.ft. loose)

40 bags per pallet

BC premium shavings


Large FBIC Tote Bags
(approx 300 cu ft loose)

These large totes allow us to ship a huge quantity in a single truckload as the shavings are compressed.

an average 53" van can haul over 15,000 cu feet of shavings compared to an average of 3,000 to 5,000 cu ft of loose shavings in a dump or moving floor trailer





CF Premium Pine Shavings

Direct Line 1-403-638-8090

email: sales@woodfire.ca

We supply an 3.5 cubic foot Compressed Bale (8 cu.ft. loose)   (before compression)

This bag / bale hold approx 40 lbs. of dry 12% to 15% mid and High grade screened pine (SPF) shavings.

         Our plastic bag is heat-sealed with extra UV protection therefore providing better protection when stored outdoors

Unmarked bags are available for resellers

Consistent high quality - always available

Economical, environmentally friendly product

We feel that the ideal bedding has great loft, enough fines for optimum absorption without dust, and less than 15% moisture.

palletized shavings

Animal Bedding
SPF Wood Shavings
Pine Wood Pellet Animal Bedding

Our economical and good quality wood shavings are packaged in convenient industry standard bales with compressed perfectly sized and dry wood shavings.

Shipping Details:

Average Truckload (53' van) is 48 Pallets or 960 bags

40 Bales / Bags per Pallet

3.25 cu. ft compressed UV protective recyclable plastic bagging. Expands to 8 + cu ft. loose bedding.

Guaranteed less than 15% moisture content.


Economical pine shavings animal bedding for
the discriminating horse owner

Because of mill closures and tripling of fibre costs its becoming very difficult to find wood shavings for bedding any more.  We have a good consistent supply available at all times.

  Our pine/spruce shaving product that will match or beat the quality of most products on the market.

We offer competitive pricing and a personalized service designed to meet your specific needs.

 Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We rely upon it to attract clients, customers, partners and investors. That being the case, the cultivation and maintenance of our reputation is not a matter of ego driven self-promotion BUT a matter of continual monitoring and managing this asset.

Absorbancy is top notch because our shavings are ideally sized and mixed with enough properly sized fines.




Animal Bedding - Livestock Bedding - Poultry Bedding

Ideal for rabbits, poultry, waterfowl, llamas, alpacas and pets.

Also excellent for equine centres and all horse related operations as well as Zoos and Veterinary clinics.


Alberta Firewood Depot

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