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Premium Grade Wood Pellets
Horse & Animal Bedding Pine Pellets

High Density Compressed wood fire log

Available by our home delivery service by the pallet or
multi bag/box orders for delivery to your home or business


Premium Wood Heating Pellets Premium Animal Bedding Pine Pellets
for Horses and Pets
firemaster pellets pet pellets
Wood Pellets - Firemaster pellet fuel is a premium, soft wood pine pellet that's all natural with no additives. It's packaged in clear bags so you can see the quality.

Firemaster Animal bedding pellets are a premium, all natural, soft wood pine pellet that offer an affordable, renewable alternative to Animal bedding/litters in the market.
Our pellets are ideal for horse stalls and can be used in the litter box, or as a pet bedding.

Why Use Pine wood Pellets instead of shavings or sawdust for your horses ?

The Benefits of Wood Pellet Bedding

Clean up of stalls is reduced to 5 to 10 minutes per stall per day, it's a LOT less work.

It's very cost is effective - An empty clean 12x12 stall will require from 4 to 6 bags of pellets to start up and fill. This can be done is 20 minutes or less. the waste takes about 5 mins per day to remove and the volume of waste is drastically reduced compared to sawdust or shavings. Pellet users tell us they only need 1 to bags per stall per week to maintain a clean fresh stall. That's about $36 to fill the stall and about $12 or less a week to maintain it.

A bag of wood pellets is comparable to 2 to 3 bales of shavings.
Pellets are at least 3 times more absorbant than shavings.

Approximately 50-60, 40-lb. bags are needed per horse per year,
That's about a 1 ton Pallet at about $300.00/ton per horse, per year WOW...very cost effective.

Many pellet bedding users say they do not have to do a complete stall turnaround (completely empty and refill) for 4 to 6 months while still retaining a clean smelling stall...that's amazing !

In the horse and pet industry today there is an increased awarness of the advantages of wood pellets over wood shavings for bedding in horse stalls at facilities, especially those that are striving to be ecologically or environmentally responsible.

Wood pellets are composed of wood fibers that have been sorted by size, compressed, heat treated and sterilized. This results in significantly increased absorption capability over wood shavings. Pelleted bedding can soak up urine rapidly, creating a more confined wet spot that can be easily removed.

Pellets are very low dust and completely sterile unlike sawdust which is often contaminated. Pellets are vastly more odor absorbant and moisture absorbant than both shavings and sawdust due to the way the fibers are processed and heat treated, Stalls using pellets have a cleaner smell and higher level of pine scent than shavings

One of the single largest benefits to using wood pellets is the 40-60% reduction in the quantity of the waste material (urine and droppings mixed in the bedding) that is generated.

Horse waste may be composted, used as fertilizer or organic mass instead of going to the dump. A huge benefit of using pellets is enhanced compostability, which allows a higher proportion of manure to bedding from stall waste in the compost pile. The waste matter is much finer than shavings and makes a nicer compost than both sawdust and shavings.



Prices for Pellets

Winter Spring 2012

$300.00 per ton (50 x 40 lbs bags)
We offer a home delivery service for amounts 1 ton and over
It is often more economical to buy more than 1 pallet as
the delivery charge is not per pallet.

Home Delivery charges (pallet drop off)
Calgary - $50.00 on regular weekly runs
Surrounding areas may vary between 50-75 per delivery
Canmore/Banff $75.00 (+-)call for exact quote.

For farms and horse facilities we offer afforble truckload pricing.

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Energy Logs

Eco-Friendly, High Heat Output
High Density Energy Logs

Currently in stock

** Highest Quality ** Most BTUs (68,000 BTU's) ** Longest Burning (4-5 hours) ** Heaviest Logs (8 lbs each) **

** Virtually NO smoke ** Virtually no Ash (less than 1/2 of 1%) ** No Sparks ** Complete Combustion **

Simply the best compressed wood fibre fire logs available in North America

The ultimate product for high heat output. Energy Logs are significantly better than even the best cord firewood in producing a very hot, long burning fire. The secret is in the manufacturing process. these logs are made from high BTU species wood fibre (recyeled mill waste) and compressed under extreme presure to form a very dense and heavy log that is very dry at 3% moisture. there is almost no cresote when the logs are burned.

Energy Logs Vs Birch Firewood - The high density and low moisture content of the Energy Log enables it to pack 8,600 BTU's per pound.The best seasoned and dry birch firewood is only about 7,700 BTU's per pound at best and costs almost 2-3 times as much as an Energy log.

The Energy Logs higher performance kicks in when they go into a secondary combustion about 1-2 hours after ignition, creating a very intense heat. Regular firewood often cannot get to this stage as it is not as dense and dry. There is very little waste, ash or smoke as the entire log is burnt up during the intense secondary burn phase.

The Energy Logs work best in woodstoves if you are concerned with optimum heat output.
They are extremely efficient when compared to regular firewood. The extra heat output is instantly noticeable.
You will use only 1 or 2 of these large, heavy Fire logs in most stoves and these will last overnight on low settings.

For open fireplaces where a higher flame creates the ambiance desired by many, these logs do not exibit larger bright flames like cord wood, these Energy logs are optimized for slow, hot burning in wood stoves. For a traditional bright fire in your fireplace you can mix some regular firewood in with these logs to get heat value, longer burn time and a brighter higher flame. We use them in our fireplace and enjoy the quality of the fire and especially the heat output, we are often forced to move farther away when burning energy logs which is not a bad thing !

The pellet baskets (mentioned above this article) burning wood pellets offer a higher flame with close to the same efficiency as the Energy Logs for your fireplace. The wood pellets are smaller and allow more air around the pellets creating the higher brighter flame associated with fireplace enjoyment, however the high density Energy logs are tops when it comes to maximum heat output............

This One Ton Pallet of 240 (8 lbs each) Energy logs is
equivalent to roughly 5 or 6 face cords of regular pine firewood or about 1.5 to 2 cords of dry birch.

These Energy Logs are very economical, less than one third the price of good birch firewood
when compared to BTU output and burn time.


Where to Buy Energy Logs

You can order your energy logs for delivery by the pallet direct
from Raven Firewood or pick up from the following suppliers

Spruce it up Garden Centre

Palletized Energy Logs & singles



Hearth and Home Fireplace

Single logs and boxed logs available

5740 1A Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 0A6
Phone (403) 258-3732



Special Introductory price for 2011
when buying direct from Canada Firewood

Bulk Pallets

$ 550.00 per Pallet (1890 lbs) of 240 Energy Logs
Price includes delivery in the Calgary area
for other areas a small delivery surcharge may be applied .

Note: Pickup price at our Sundre wood lot is less, please inquire. Please be sure your
truck or trailer can handle the weight when planning a pickup.

Not including GST
Stacking not included.


Boxed Energy Logs (3 x 8 lbs logs) $12.00 per box (25 lbs)

Compare prices at local big box or chain stores of other less efficient firelogs at $15.00 - $22.00
for an average 25 to 30 Lbs box, Energy Logs are cheaper per pound and
have much higher heat output and longer burn time !

Minimum order of 15 boxes for free delivery within Calgary,
Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, inquire for other areas.
(not including GST and Delivery if applicable)


Energy Logs have been tested extensively against other manufactured wood heating logs. The 8 lb. Energy Log can not be compared one on one with the competition since many other logs are lighter, at 5-6 lbs. Our tests have been done by weight. Pound for pound, the Energy Log burned twice as long as other manufactured logs. The log comparison tests were done in both a conventional uncertified wood stove and a phase 2 certified wood stove. Energy Logs consistently out performed other manufactured logs. The Energy log's manufacturer stated: "There is really very, very little ash left over to clean up when you burn these logs which, along with the hot-burning fires they create, is part of their strong appeal and popularity,". "Until hard-core wood-burning users try the energy logs once, they don't believe they are that good. But they become believers real quick."

For many throughout the West who heat their homes with wood, Energy Logs have been that alternative. Tested extensively against other manufactured wood heating logs, the manufacturers said that pound-for-pound their logs burned twice as long as other manufactured logs on the market.


Proven Performance since 1925
-These specific High Density Energy Logs have been sold since 1925 and are still the best ones on the Market !


Amazingly, one 8 lb. Energy Log contains 68,000 BTU's and one unit of 240 Energy Logs are a compact bundle of energy just waiting to happen! Pound for pound it's awful hard to beat the price and efficiency of Energy Logs.Wood Stoves - "Energy Logs" produce a very intense heat and it is not necessary to burn more than one log to hold a good fire. In fact a portion of a log burns efficiently all by itself, and by proper control of dampers will last for a long period. There is absolutely no waste or unnecessary fire, but when lots of heat is needed it's there. "Energy Logs" are clean to handle, no dirt, practically no smoke, no odor, only 3/10 of 1% ash and they will win out in competition with every other type of heater fuel.

Furnaces - In furnaces, with a simple installation of grate plates or come to cut down draft, "Energy Logs" compare very favorably with coal. They are far preferable from the standpoint of cleanliness, absence of ash and smoke, and relief from greasy soot and dirt. A cellar as clean as a kitchen is possible when using "Energy Logs". They can also be stored in the kitchen, pantry or hall.Fireplaces - "Energy Logs" are long-lasting. Just two placed in the fireplace will last for a period of 4 to 5 hours, burning with a beautiful, steady flame and providing wonderful heat. They will not pop or throw sparks, so a fire screen (which destroys much of the heating value of a fireplace) is entirely unnecessary. "Energy Logs" are by far the finest and most attractive fuel obtainable.Cook Stoves - For cooking service "Energy Logs" are also unequalled. They provide constant uniform heat. It is easy to learn the exact part of an "Energy Log" necessary to cook the particular meal. You can depend upon getting the same result each time and can thereby eliminate all waste. Many people find that one third of an "Energy Log" will cook an ordinary meal.Camping - Throughout the west "Energy Logs" are being taken along on camping, fishing and beach trips. They provide dry fuel for cooking and heating.

Long burn time - Greater density and less than 3% moisture, better than seasoned firewood

Higher BTU than regular cord wood
about 80 of these logs is equivalent to half a cord of Pine firewood

Very economical and easy to store


Premium Wood Fibre "Pellet" Firelogs

More Information on Biomass products, High Density Energy logs, Fire Logs
and other Alternative heating products are avialible on the following web sites

www. energylog.ca



Super Efficient Pellet Baskets
For Woodstoves & Fireplaces

These Pellet baskets will fit into your woodstove or fireplace allowing you to burn higher BTU, cleaner burning Wood pellets instead of regular firewood. We can fit a pellet basket into almost any stove made, please provide us with your stove or fireplace dimesions when making a request. email : sales@woodfire.ca

Basket can hold 3-4 hours worth of burn time or more

All Models are priced at $169.00
shipping and taxes not included
Can be shipped anywhere.

Enjoy the convenience of burning wood pellets in your wood stove!
No more cord wood to stack!
No expensive pellet stove to buy!
No electricity required !

Easy to fill
- fill pellet basket with an ash shovel or grain scoop

Long burn time - burns the same or longer than regular cordwood

Cleaner burning - less creosote & less ashVery economical and convenient compared to most firewood

A ton of pellet fuel (about 50 bags) produces 50% more BTU's
than a cord of wood.
That's impressive !

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